New Patients

If you are new to naturopathic medicine, or would like to discuss my treatment approach, I am available for a free 15-minute telephone consultation or appointment. Please note that this will be an information session, and no treatment recommendations will be given.

Before the First Visit

Please fill out the intake form - either online through the booking site, or print and complete the appropriate form below. If you have had any recent lab tests done, it would be very helpful to get a copy of the results.

First Visit

The main objective of the initial visit is for me to get a comprehensive understanding of your current concerns, your medical history, other aspects of your health and lifestyle, your health goals and expectations of treatment. An assessment will be made, including some physical examination, and laboratory tests may be ordered. Practical recommendations and treatments will be given to get you started. Please bring all intake and consent forms, any previous lab work, and all current supplements you are taking.

Second Visit

The second visit is generally 2-3 weeks later. A personalized treatment plan, including dietary guidelines, will be discussed to help you achieve your health goals. This appointment is typically booked as 60 minutes in length, and patients are only billed for the time used.

Subsequent Visits

Follow up visits may be between 30-60 minutes and can be several weeks later, depending on the severity of the condition and the treatment plan.