I first learned of naturopathic medicine at the age of 16. Even as a teenager, I knew that there must be some alternative to the existing healthcare system. There must be some way to provide a kind of medicine that honors an individual’s uniqueness, commits to integrity and honesty, and addresses the underlying cause of disease – not just places a band-aid on the symptoms. I was sure then that naturopathic medicine was the way to provide this.

Naturopath Campbell River and Quadra Island Dr. Anita KomonskiPrior to naturopathic medical school, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia. In a customized program of psychoneuroimmunology, I studied the complex interplay between the mind/brain, the immune system and hormones in the creation of health and disease. This laid a solid foundation for my medical training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, where I developed a deep understanding of the lifestyle, hormonal, dietary, behavioural and psychological changes that need to take place for the achievement of optimal heath and the reversal of disease processes.

Combining a personal passion and building on my philosophy that the best physician is a guide and mentor, I also became a certified personal trainer while in medical school. Additionally, I was on a sports medicine and pain management specialty shift during my 12-month internship. I firmly believe in motivating and empowering individuals to take on the challenges inherent in striving for optimal wellness.

In practice, I strive to combine compassionate patient care with the best of scientific inquiry, medical science and traditional therapies. In addition to performing acupuncture and prescribing medications, hormones, botanical medicines, and nutritional supplements, I teach individuals how to become ambassadors of their own health through dietary and lifestyle change.

I have experience treating people with a wide variety of health conditions, and have a special interest in women’s health & hormone balancing, autoimmune disease, adjunctive cancer care, digestive conditions, chronic pain management and vegetarian/vegan nutrition. 

After several years of practice, I found that while many physiological root causes could be easily addressed and the illnesses remedied, there remained deep-seated emotional reasons for why patients could not reach their full potential.  Through my training in medical hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy, I can confidently say that these issues can be healed. I feel that this is a tool that fits in perfectly with naturopathic medicine, as it accesses the subconscious source of illness.    

After 8 years running a busy multidisciplinary clinic in Vancouver, and 5 years serving Quadra Island and Campbell River, I now call Victoria home.

Outside of medicine, my many passions include sustainability, practicing yoga & meditation, exploring beautiful British Columbia, riding my bicycles, tending to all my plants, cooking and sharing delicious, healthy food with others, and eating kale and 85% organic dark chocolate.