As a primary care physician in the province of BC, I use a series of extensive and comprehensive conventional and alternative methods to diagnose medical conditions and disease. These diagnostic methods may include the following:

  • Thorough health history – A detailed investigation of your existing concerns, family history, past medical history, medications, and lifestyle.
  • Physical Exam – An investigation of the heart, lungs, abdomen, nervous system, head and neck, hair, skin and nails, and musculoskeletal system. An additional focus on woman’s health could include a breast exam and full gynecological exam with PAP test.
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing – Certain blood, salivary or urine tests may be required for appropriate assessment, diagnosis and treatment. These may be done through your medical doctor, or may be requisitioned during your visit.
  • Previous medical reports and diagnostic testing – All test results (previous blood work, MRIs, X-rays, colonoscopy results, etc) are valuable tools used to assess your health concerns. Please ask for and retain copies of these test results.
  • Nutritional analysis – Evaluating eating habits, diet, and nutritional status to assess the impact your diet is having on your health.